November 21, 2017

All-NBA Fourth Team: John Wall, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Atlanta’s Millsap and Horford

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All-NBA First, Second, Third Teams 2014-15

We get it; LeBron James and Steph Curry are REALLY GOOD. And we’re all tired of hearing about James Harden. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul? Whatever. Let’s talk about the underrated and upcoming players on the All-NBA Fourth Team.

Yes, I know there’s no such thing as an official All-NBA fourth team, but it’s not difficult to cobble together a fourth (and fifth) team based on official votes received for the All-NBA teams. For the most part, their vote totals pale in comparison, still we want to recognize players that have put in good work this year.

Without further delay, here’s the All-NBA 4th and 5th teams:

2014-15 All-NBA Fourth Team
Forward: Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio (155)
Forward/Center: Paul Millsap, Atlanta (70)
Center: Al Horford, Atlanta, (64)
Guard: John Wall, Washington (50)
Guard: Jimmy Butler, Chicago (32)

The fourth team is highlighted by John Wall and Kawhi Leonard. The Spur’s forward Leonard actually received more overall points (155) than Golden State’s Klay Thompson (122) and Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving (112), but because players are selected on position, Leonard was honorable mention. Atlanta’s frontcourt duo of Millsap and Horford and Jimmy Butler with his breakout year fill out the remaining spots.

2014-15 All-NBA Fifth Team
Forward: Draymond Green, Golden State (9)
Forward/Center: Zach Randolph, Memphis (7)
Center: Andrew Bogut, Golden State (6)
Guard: Damian Lillard, Portland (22)
Guard: Jeff Teague, Atlanta (7)

The All-NBA fifth team as a squad might be scarier than the fourth team. The 5-man team features the Warrior’s defensive anchors in Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut, Portland’s and Atlanta’s floor leaders Damian Lillard and Jeff Teague, and Memphis’ low-post beast Zach Randolph.


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