October 23, 2017

Printable NFL Playoff Bracket with Latest AFC/NFC Matchups

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Updated Printable NFL Playoff Bracket with logos

The NFL playoff story continues this week as the the NFL Wild Cards team fight it out to advance into the divisional rounds. Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to move on to the next round in the bracket.

The #6 seed Ravens will take on the #1 seeded New England Patriots, who received a bye due to their regular season record (12-4-0).

In the other Saturday match, the lower-seeded, bracket-busting Carolina Panthers downed the Arizona Cardinals 27-16 and take on the 12-4-0 Seattle Seahawks. The Panthers moving on has become a storyline within itself, as the team has by far the worst record of all the playoff teams at 7-8-1. Every other playoff team in the this year’s playoff bracket has at least 10 wins under their belt.

What would Sunday be without football? Today, the two remaining Wild Card games will be played; one game from the NFC and one from the AFC. After today, the brackets will be more clear and everyone can get excited for the NFC and AFC Divisional rounds.

In the first game, the Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts. The game will be kick off at 1:05 PM (Eastern) and can be watched on CBS. In the day’s second game, the Detroit Lions will face off against the Dallas Cowboys at 4:40 PM (Eastern) and fans of the ‘Boys and Detroit can catch the game on FOX.

Updated NFL Playoff Brackets for 2014-15

It’s time for an updated bracket that you NFL fans can print out. The brackets we provided a few days ago are no longer relevant. Due to the lowest seed in the Wild Card needing to take on the higher seed, we’ve had to adjust how the brackets we published out a little since the playoff’s lowest seed (Carolina Panthers) came out of the bracket yesterday. Click here to print out Interbasket’s updated NFL Playoff Bracket (in PDF) with the team NFL logos:

Updated Printable NFL Playoff Bracket with logos

Alternatively, you can also download and print out our popular blank NFL playoff bracket that we offered up last week or you can also go to PrinterFriendly’s bracket.

2015 NFL Playoffs Bracket (Blank)

Printable InterBasket.net NFL Playoff Bracket

The above printer-friendly NFL playoff bracket may be empty but it includes the dates in which those NFL playoff matchups will take place.


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