November 21, 2017

2014 NBA Draft Trades

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The 2014 NBA Draft landscape is significantly impacted by the outstanding NBA draft trades. Although this year’s draft is one of the deepest in recent years, several teams have been able to leverage trades over the past few years to build up their total number of picks for this year. The trade landscape will definitely impact some of the draft strategy used by just about every team in the NBA. If you are interested in checking out how the draft may turn out, you can check out our 2014 NBA Mock draft. The trades are listed out by team so that you can track what picks each team has earned for this year.

Outstanding 2014 NBA Draft Trades

Atlanta Hawks
Thanks to the Joe Johnson trade, the Atlanta Hawks retain the right to swap first round picks with the Brooklyn Nets for this year’s draft.

Boston Celtics
Boston has several additional picks in the 2014 NBA draft.
First, the Celtics own the Brooklyn Nets first round pick from the infamous trade of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets. This pick will be the least favorable between the Brooklyn or Atlanta Hawks pick.
Boston also owns the Philadelphia 76ers first round pick (with lottery protection via the Miami Heat) courtesy of the Jordan Crawford trade.
The Celtics also own the Net’s second round pick this year from the Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett trade.

Charlotte Hornets
The Hornets have two additional picks in the 2014 NBA Draft from past trades.
First, they own the Piston’s first round pick (top 12 pick protection) from the Corey Maggette / Ben Gordon trade.

Foursquare and the NBA

Foursquare and the NBA (Photo credit: compujeramey)

Next, the Hornets own the Trail Blazer’s first round pick (top 8 pick protection) from the Gerald Wallace trade.
Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls also take advantage of trades to have two additional picks in this year’s draft.
First, they own the Hornet’s first round pick (top 10 pick protection) from the Tyrus Thomas tarade.
Next, the Bulls also have the King’s first round pick (top 12 protection via Cleveland) from the Lul Deng trade.
Cleveland Cavaliers
Eventually the Cavaliers will strike gold in the NBA Draft J. For this year, they get two additional picks on top of having the top overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft Order.
First, the Cavs own the Magic’s second round pick from the Justin Harper trade.
Next, the Cavs also own the Grizzlie’s second round pick from the Jon Leuer trade.
Dallas Mavericks
Due to the Kelly Olynyk trade, the Mavs own the second round pick of the Boston Celtics.
Denver Nuggets
The Denver Nuggets have a few extra picks in this year’s draft due to past trades.
First, they own the New York Knicks first round pick from the Melo trade.
Next, the Nuggets own the Portland Trail Blazer’s second round pick from the Raymond Felton trade.
Houston Rockets
The Rockets only have one extra pick this year courtesy of the Marcus Camby trade. They own the New York Knicks second round pick as a result.
Milwaukee Bucks
The Bucks own the second round pick of the LA Lakers (via Minnesota and Phoenix) from the Luke Ridnour trade.
Minnesota Timberwolves
The T-Wolves own the Pelican’s second round pick due to the Antonio Daniels trade from a few years ago.
Additionally, the T-Wolves, also own the Golden State Warriors second round pick from the 2013 NBA Draft trade.

New York Knicks
From the Ron Brewer trade, the New York Knicks own the Oklahoma City Thunder second round pick.
Oklahoma City Thunder
If you aren’t confused enough by all of the trades, the Oklahoma City Thunder own the Mavs pick (first round protected via a fair number of trades that are hard to keep track of J) ultmately coming from the Lamar Odom trade via Houston from the Derek Fisher / Jordan Hill trade via the James Harden trade.
Orlando Magic
The Magic own the less favorable of the Denver Nugget’s first round picks from the Andrew Bynum / Andre Iguodala / Dwight Howard trades.
Philadelphia 76ers
The 76ers have a number of opportunities in the 2014 NBA Draft.
First, they own the New Orleans Pelican’s first round pick (top five protection) from their Jrue Holiday trade.
Next, they own the Brooklyn Nets second round pick (via Boston and Dallas) from the Ricky ledo trade.
Finally, they own the Houston Rockets second round pick (via Milwaukee) thanks to the Nate Wolters trade.
Phoenix Suns
The Suns also make out in this year’s draft by getting three additional picks.
First, the Suns own the Wizards first round pick (top 12 pick protection in effect) due to the Marcin Gortat trade.
Next, Phoenix owns the T-Wolves first round pick (top 13 picks are protected) from the Wesley Johnson trade.
Finally, Phoenix owns the Pacers’ first round pick (lottery protection in effect) due to the Luis Scola trade.
Toronto Raptors
The Raptors own the Thunder second round pick for the 2014 NBA Draft thanks to the Knicks from the Adrea Bargnani trade.
Utah Jazz
The Jazz own the Warriors’ first round pick from the Richard Jefferson / Andris Biedrins trade.


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