November 21, 2017

Who is Justin Bieber cheering for in the NBA Playoffs? (Gallery)

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Justin Bieber clearly enjoys basketball. The young pop star and lightning rod has participated in the NBA’s celebrity game – he was named MVP of the 2011 game, was allegedly slapped by Blake Griffin at a Starbucks, makes a cameo as a fan and a player in the NBA 2K13 video game, and of course, he’s been to, seen at, and been photographed at many an NBA game.

Apparently, if you’re of the female persuasion and are lucky enough to sit next to the Biebs, it can make you a minor semi-celebrity (no offense to Bieber, but I’d rather my 15 minutes be something a little more significant).

Who is Bieber’s Favorite NBA Team?

That made us wonder, if JB loves the NBA so much, which NBA team is he rooting for in this year’s historic first round of the NBA Playoffs? To which lucky team does he have allegiances with? Is Justin Bieber the frontrunner that other sites have claimed or does he actually have a favorite team?  Let’s look at the evidence.

Justin Bieber wears his San Antonio Spurs cap

San Antonio Spurs

Yeah. I can’t see it either. Despite the Spurs being the #1 seed, despite the evidence below, and despite knowing very little about Justin Bieber, I can safely assume that the first team that comes to mind is not one that employs Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and team. TDunc, GPopp and TPark just aint swaggy enough nicknames. I think we all can agree on that.


Justin Bieber wearing a Miami Heat hat

Miami Heat

Maybe Bieber is a LeBron fan and putting his support behind the #2 seeded Miami Heat? He’s one of very few people in the world that actually knows what it’s like to be LeBron James-famous — and to be so widely-disliked by a large swath of the population. Haters going to like other haters?


Justin Bieber wearing an OKC Thunder NBA cap

Oklahoma City Thunder

Then again, JB might prefer a younger squad — maybe the #2 seed in the west, the OKC Thunder are more his style. I can totally see Bieber looking up to Kevin Durant. In addition to the camo OKC cap below, Biebs has been seen sporting more Thunder headgear from Mitchell & Ness. You can’t tell me that you can’t envision Bieb trading fashion tips with Russell Westbrook. Now that’s swaggy!


Justin Bieber Atlanta Hawks Sweatshirt

Atlanta Hawks

Maybe JB doesn’t like favorites, and instead cheers for the underdogs. Maybe he remembers he was playing drums on the street for change not that many years ago. With that in mind, Bieber might have a sweet spot for the Atlanta Hawks, who have pushed the #1 seeded Indiana Pacers to the brink of elimination. Over three years ago, a less-tattooed Biebs wore Hornets colors to the Hawks-Hornets game in Atlanta, where he was roundly booed.


Justin Bieber Toronto Raptors cap

Toronto Raptors

Let us not forget that Bieber is from Canada and the only NBA team left up north is the Toronto Raptors – thenumber three seed in the East in this year’s playoffs. He’s got to have some love for his home team, no?  Bieber has been seen at a few  Toronto Raptors game – surprised he hasn’t attended more. The chance that Bieber is rooting for the Raptors in the first rounf? Slim. You might see him come out in the second round if the Raptors get past the Nets. Why are they called the Raptors again?


justin_bieber wears his brooklyn nets cap and poses with fan

Brooklyn Nets

Who are we fooling, Bieber doesn’t care about home teams, he cares about SWAG. What other NBA team has a rap superstar like Jay-Z associated with it? Let’s not forget how ultra-chic and hip Brooklyn has become for the hipster set. Bieber clearly hasn’t forgotten, especially after his Raptors lost to the Nets in game one, Biebs was spotted wearing a Brooklyn Nets cap not long after. Now that’s schwaggy!


Justin Beiber wears his Houston Rockets cap

Houston Rockets

What is Bieber wearing here? A retro Houston Rockets cap. Does that he mean he’s all in with his boys James Harden, Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin and the Clutch City crew? Chandler Parsons has come out publicly to show respect to Biebs’ talent, the question is, will JB reciprocate the love for the Houston Rockets past the logo cap?


Justin Bieber Washington Bullets Wizards

Washington Wizards

Perhaps Bieber has taken a liking to speedy guard John Wall’s slam dunk win this last year and he’s rooting for the Washington Bullets Wizards? The pint-size pop singer met Wall when he was in the area for a performance in November 2012. He wore Wiz shorts and rode a segway around Verizon Center. Yes, he did.


Justin Bieber Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors

Here’s one I can actually see – Justin Bieber trying to model his game like Steph Curry, the quick, tricky, and sharp shooting guard for the #6 seed Golden State Warriors.


Justin Bieber wears his Chicago Bull cap while grabbing subway for lunch

Chicago Bulls

What’s the chance that he’s still supporting the Chicago Bulls now that they’ve been eliminated? Biebs was seen at the Staples Center back in 2011 when the Bulls took on the Lakers. The Beebs was harassed by Benny the Bull. It’s all good, the mascot later offered up Bieber cotton candy. True story. In any case, he’re JB with a Chicago Bulls cap coming out of a Subway. Swaggy.

Justin Bieber Charotte Hornets

Charlotte Bobcats

The Charlotte Hornets  Bobcats, who will return as the Hornets next season, were the 7th seed in the east. The Bobnets were spanked and quickly eliminated by the Swaggy Miami Heat. Salt on the wound? Justin Bieber will give you noes lovez. Though Bieber did dole out some love to the Horncat’s Chairman and all-around best player ever Michael Jordan when JB was in North Carolina for a concert back in January 2013. MJ-JB-JB-MJ.


Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Actually, let’s be honest. This post was just a bunch of tongue-in-cheek words with photos stolen from the internet. When it’s all said and done, we all know that Justin Beiber is a Laker fan that enjoys wearing different hats because he finds them to be stylish.

Despite all the different NBA caps, the kid has declared that he was a lifelong Laker fan back in November 2012 in an interview with ESPN Playbook, saying: “I love the Lakers, so I have to go with Kobe [Bryant]. He has unbelievable natural talent and he works harder than just about anyone in the league.”


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