November 21, 2017

Steph Curry’s Backboard Alley-Oop to Andrew Bogut

2014/01/05 11:09 pm 500 1 comment

In the Golden State Warrior’s 112-96 win over the Washington Wizards last night, Steph Curry connected with Andrew Bogut on an awesome off-the-backboard alley-oop in the third quarter. Here’s a couple live action instagram videos from the game:

Judging by Curry’s smile, I don’t believe he actually meant for the pass to go off the backboard, he intended to throw just a normal alley oop that was a little too fast.

Either way, it was a great play. It’s been all fun with Golden State lately winning 9 straight games. I am loving Andrew Bogut’s reaction — looking at his hand in amazement a la Shaquille O’Neal. Check out the video below from our friends over at letsgowarriors:


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