September 19, 2017

Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers Are Still the Favorites for NBA Title

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Dwyane Wade goes up against David West Roy Hibbert

Here’s our look at the chances that each NBA team has of winning an NBA championship this year. As of the beginning of December, not much has shifted in the rankings.

The reigning, two-time NBA champions Miami Heat sit pretty at #1 in NBA futures. The Heat have a 19/10 odds of winning the 2014 NBA championship. LeBron, Wade, and Chris Bosh further solidified their place as favorites after they defeated the #2 team on the list, the Indiana Pacers, 97-94 in a hard-fought game.

Led by their young superstar Paul George, and a cast of underrated soldiers in Roy Hibbert, David West and Lance Stephenson, the Pacers have a 4/1 betting odds in bringing home the James Naismith trophy in 2014.

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The high-octane Oklahoma City Thunder sit in third place with a 6/1 odds of bringing the NBA ‘chip to OKC.

Here’s a look at the top ten NBA teams in respect to their chances of winning the NBA title in the 2013-14 season.

  1. Miami Heat 19/10
  2. Indiana Pacers 4/1
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder 6/1
  4. San Antonio Spurs 7/1
  5. Houston Rockets 14/1
  6. Los Angeles Clippers 14/1
  7. Golden State Warriors 16/1
  8. Portland Trail Blazers 25/1
  9. Brooklyn Nets 28/1
  10. Chicago Bulls 33/1

It’s really weird to see the problematic Brooklyn Nets and stumbling, Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls so high up on the list. Even more odd is that the 22-5 Portland Trailblazers are ranked so low at #8 (25-1), below the likes of the Rockets and Warriors.

Even with the amazing play of Damien Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge, Rip City can’t get any love in Vegas.

The team that has the lowest chances/odds of turning their season around and pulling off a miracle?  Two teams are actually tied for the slimmest hopes of an NBA title with 500/1 odds – the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings.

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