May 31, 2016

Jeremy Lin “dunked on” – responds with 45 points, win (Video)

2013/06/30 9:35 am 400 1 comment

People around the web are passing around a video in which Jeremy Lin gets dunked on (of which I would argue the technicality – his back was turned) in a San Francisco Pro Am game, but aren’t really passing around the rest of the story.

The moral of that untold story? 45 points and 15 assists in a win. Also, the fact that he lead his team back from a 20 point deficit, and hit two straight threes to put his team up six in the extra period before cruising to a 126-122 win.

Watch at 2:25, the score is tied at 105 in the fourth quarter – Lin puts a crossover on his defender, sidesteps another for the easy layup – putting his team up by two with 4.1 seconds remaining.

All this on his former Houston Rocket teammate, Scott Machado.

Jeremy Lin v Scott Machado Pro Am San Francisco


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