October 19, 2017

Betting on the winners of the NBA Championship

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LeBron James has NBA championship money

The NBA season has reached the point where the regular season is close to completion – there is around two weeks left – and the top 8 teams from each  conference prepares to do battle in the playoffs.

This is a good stage of the season to look at putting down a sports bet on the winners of the NBA, because it is fairly clear which teams will make the playoffs, and it’s also clear which sides are showing the kind of form that could take them all the way.

So which teams are the best bet for this season’s NBA?

Unsurprisingly the teams at the top of the Eastern and Western Conferences, Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, are among the favorites for the NBA Championship – with Miami Heat currently rated as the overall favorites.

The best odds you can get on them are 6/4, and have enjoyed a winning run of sixteen matches in their conference. This is the sort of form that suggests NBA winners, but from the Western Conference, both 2nd placed San Antonio and 1st placed Oklahoma City Thunder are clearly in contention as well.

Online betting has flourished recently thanks to the development of apps for tablets and mobile phones that allow users to place bets in a much easier way. Online casinos have been looking to tap into the target audience of sports betting, which is the most popular form of gambling these days. The casinos have developed many sports based games to do this.

Any form of gambling involves some degree of risk, but playing a basketball casino game like the Slam Dunk slots game at an online casino like Lucky Nugget, perhaps carries less risk than most of ending up winning nothing.

Slots offer a good chance of a payout, and Slam Dunk is no exception, with the presence of the wild symbol – the number 23 jersey, just like that worn by Michael Jordan – making up for any other missing symbol to provide a winning reel.


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