October 19, 2017

Euroleague basketball and Bwin team up

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Bwin, the largest sports book site in Europe, recently announced the release of their latest product – an interactive app, called ‘Ten Minute Madness’, that lets Basketball fans from all over Europe make bets on the game as it happens play by play.

This innovative new way to enjoy the Euroleague Basketball season has been lauded as a massive step forward in the way that fans and enthusiasts alike can get involved in the game.

The app is optimised for the iOS and Android operating systems, but is also playable through any web browser, and it is a whole new way to get involved in the game as it happens.

Participants can play along with any game in progress and try to predict any number of outcomes from who will score next to who will be the winning team as the action plays out.

This ‘second screen’ technology allows basketball fiends to play along with the game and get involved in the action in a way that has not been seen before. Winning picks earn the player points and every season Bwin and Euroleague will be hosting events and giving away prizes such as courtside seats, season tickets and team jerseys to lucky competitors.

Alongside all this excitement, Euroleague will be giving fans a chance to talk to their favourite players and get the inside scoop, as well as adding another layer of interactivity on twitter, with the hashtag #Makeyourplay. This will give fans a chance to share their picks, talk about their skills at predicting the outcome of the game, and build a fun community spirit that will enhance the game for all with fans sharing the excitement as they try and predict the outcome of each and every play, making the game a more exciting and accessible experience all around.

With that said make sure you check out the new 10 minute madness app and also head over to Bwin for all of the latest nba odds.


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