October 21, 2017

Magic Johnson Offers LeBron $1 Million to be in Dunk Contest

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After LeBron James’ pregame dunk routine went viral last week, some NBA fans criticized him for performing dunks in practice that he could easily win an All-Star weekend slam dunk contest with. However, most fans were simply in awe of just how spectacular the dunks were and wanted to see more.

By now, almost everybody would love to see James compete in the All-Star slam dunk contest, but many fans have resigned to the fact that James is just not interested. However, Magic Johnson came up with a way that might change his mind.

According to ESPN.com, the former Lakers great said he wants to see James in the slam dunk contest so badly that he would give $1 million of his own money to the winner if James would participate.

“Please, LeBron, get in the dunk contest. I’m going to put up a million dollars,” Johnson said on ESPN’s Kia NBA Countdown. “A million dollars from Magic to LeBron. Please get in the dunk contest. I go every year. I want to see you out there. A million to the winner.”

It sure is a boat load of dough, but it’s hard to imagine James being tempted by cash at this point. He’s already said no a million different ways, so a million dollars probably won’t phase him. Considering the current first prize for the contest is only $100,000, if anything it will simply force more players to egg James on, so that they can have a chance to win that money.

James hasn’t responded to the proposal yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.


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