October 23, 2017

Roy Hibbert, David Lee Suspended One Game for Fight

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After the scuffle that took place between the Pacers and Warriors on Tuesday night, Indiana center Roy Hibbert had a feeling that he would be suspended by the NBA for one game for his involvement. It turns out he was right.

According to ESPN.com, Warriors big man David Lee was also slapped with a one-game ban for his participation in the fourth-quarter fight between the teams that spilled into the first few rows of the stands. Indiana guard Lance Stephenson and Golden State guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were hit with $35,000 fines, but will not miss any playing time.

Hibbert and Lee received the stiffest punishments for starting the incident, whereas the other three players were determined to have “escalated the altercation.”

The fight began with just over six minutes remaining in the game as Hibbert and Lee got into a shoving match under the basket. As other players intervened, the scuffle spilled into the stands. After seeing the footage, Hibbert bemoaned his actions and apologized.

“My mom was a little upset,” Hibbert told the Indianapolis Star. “She said I should have walked away. It’s unfortunate it happened. I watched the video and I saw there was a little kid that ran up out of his seat when all that happened. I apologize to the fans that were sitting courtside. We’re a team that loves the fans and we don’t want to scare them away.”

The Pacers will hope to defeat the Clippers on Thursday without Hibbert, while the Warriors will have to tangle with the Knicks on Wednesday without Lee.





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