November 21, 2017

Steph Curry Drops 54, Warriors Still Lose to Knicks

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Stephen Curry’s wallet is a little bit lighter after having to pay a $35,000 fine for his involvement in Tuesday’s brawl between the Warriors and Pacers and he took out his frustration in the healthiest possible way – by having a career night on Wednesday against the Knicks.

Curry set a new career-high and an NBA season-high with 54 points, but it was still not enough for Golden State, as the Warriors fell to the Knicks 109-105. Even still, Curry owned much of the night, including the fans at Madison Square Garden near the end, who started cheering as soon as Curry shot the ball.

Curry’s numbers were even more impressive. He went 18-for-28 from the field and hit 11-of-13 three-point shots, finishing one shy of the NBA record. He also led the Warriors in rebounds (6) and assists (7), and incredibly played all 48 minutes.

“I felt good all night. Obviously played the whole game, so was just trying to keep my legs underneath me on the offensive end, and you know, just stick to the game on the defensive end,” Curry said, according to “Once I started seeing that 3-ball go down in transition, all sorts of spots on the floor, I knew it was going to be a good night.”

Curry topped Kevin Durant’s 52-point performance from earlier this season and now has the highest single-game total of any player in 2012-2013, but there’s likely only one stat that really matters to Curry, and that’s the 109-105 number that was on the scoreboard.

Carmelo Anthony had a nice night himself with 35 points, but Tyson Chandler was easily the most important player on the floor for the Knicks, as he collected 28 rebounds and scored 16 points, dominating the paint with the absence of Golden State’s David Lee, who was suspended for fighting the night before.

On a night with so many bloated offensive numbers, it was a couple of key defensive stops that made the difference for New York. After getting torched all night, Raymond Felton was finally able to disrupt a Curry three-point attempt with just over a minute to play with the game tied and the Knicks cashed it in on the other end for the lead and ultimately the win.

“My main thing is to keep playing. Like I said, once a guy gets it going like that, there’s nothing I can really do. I’ve still got to stay in my mindset, still play my game, and I was still able to come up with some big plays at the end,” Felton said. “We all came up with some big plays to get that win.”

We’ll see if Curry can stay hot against the Celtics on Friday night and we’ll see if the Knicks can keep things rolling against the Wizards on Friday as well.




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  • It’s insane that Curry dropped so many points last night and the Knicks still managed to walk away with a win. I work at DISH and my coworkers were talking about it’s always fun to see a player get in a groove like that, even if it doesn’t mean a win for the Warriors. I missed the first half of the game, but I caught the second half through the DISH Anywhere app on my iPhone. I like that I watch live TV games and shows stored on my DVR on my train ride home work by using this feature.

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