October 21, 2017

Fan Violence Delays Serbian Cup Final

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The rivalry in the Serbian Cup final over the weekend became far too intense.

The championship game between Red Star and Partizan had to be stopped on Sunday after fan violence spilled onto the court. With the game tied at 43-43 in the third quarter, fans invaded the playing area and threw smoke bombs, causing an abrupt end to the game. However, the match was concluded a day later without any spectators and Red Star earned the victory 78-69 over its Belgrade rival Partizan.

Unfortunately, even with new laws in place that include jail time for offenders, violence at sporting events in Serbia has continued to be a problem. According to CourtSide.com, the violence began when Red Star fans wound up in the Partizan cheering section.

A similar scenario played out in the Greek Cup final in Athens on Sunday as well. After the game was delayed for an hour, Panathinaikos eventually beat its rival Olympiakos 81-78 in that contest.

Red Star and Partizan will meet again next Sunday on Red Star’s home floor, contending for a final four spot in the Adriatic League. There is obviously some concern of a repeat of the violence that occurred this week, but for now the game is still on. The Adriatic League commissioner would be the one to make the decision to cancel the game.





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