Golden State with their key four players all in their 20's is clearly the class of the conference and the league. Without injuries they will be almost impossible to defeat in a seven game series.

I would group Houston, Oklahoma City and San Antonio as the only legitimate teams that can offer any resistance to the Warriors. I think the Paul/Harden tandem will work and they will win 55+ games. San Antonio will be San Antonio. Okc is a wild card that can go either way but I really like their top 6 players.
You have a good combination of specialist role players like Roberson, Adams and Patterson and stars like Westbrook, George and Carmelo. They'll have their ups and downs during the regular season but come playoff time they click they would be the toughest challenge potentially for Golden State in my opinion.

After that Denver the Clippers and Minnesota are excellent teams who if they were in the East could be number two right behind Cleveland.

Portland, Memphis and if the New Orleans bigs can click together will fight for the final playoff spot. I think Utah will be on the outside looking in.

The Lakers, Kings, Mavericks and Suns are all lock lottery teams.