We strongly believe that the SBP should take 3x3 Basketball seriously. In 5-on-5, we will have a hard time getting an Asian-level gold, and virtually zero chance of getting a medal in the world stage.

In 3x3, we feel we have a strong chance of getting an Asian Games gold, and a realistic chance of getting an Olympic medal.

What is crucial is preparation, and a well-thought, scientific training for our 3x3 team. In particular, we believe set plays designed for 3x3 basketball will be crucial to attain success (sort of putting science on streetball). At the same time, a thorough understanding of 3x3 defensive sets (minimal fouling) will greatly enhance our chance of winning.

In any case, there are 2 big tournaments in 2018 3x3 basketball.

FIBA World Cup. 06.06 to 06.10
Asian Games. 08.08 to 09.02

As early as now, the SBP should prepare and assemble a pool of players that will be trained rigidly on 3x3.

Below is our dream lineup.