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Thread: Hypothetical: Steph Curry in Europe

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    Default Hypothetical: Steph Curry in Europe

    *your thoughts/views would be interesting to read. Admin/Mod if this is not in the proper section, please locate accordingly*

    Hey all;

    It's Phantim3dx, I haven't been on this site in years! I decided to dust off my interbasket hibernation and stop by.

    I was watching this highlight clip of Steph Curry and wondered, how would Steph Curry fare in Europe? Let's say there was a NBA lockout for the 2019-20 season, what team would try to have Steph for that 1 year, and what difficulties/changes would he have to make in order to be successful in Europe?

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    He'd be perfect as he is but the refs would need to call 10% the moving screens they currently call.

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    his teammate would hurt the only star of opponent when they'r 25 points behind

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    He would rape europen basketball.

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