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Thread: EL Players Departing for the NBA, How will they perform?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo13 View Post
    Not that I really disagree with you but Goran Dragic and Peja Stojakovic both made All-NBA teams since Petrovic did in 1993. I guess Peja is more of a SF though. I think Calderon's best years were underrated. Rubio is somewhat underrated as well.

    My guess is that most guards are usually in the sub 6'5 or so height range and the best Euro athletes below 6'5 or so in are pulled into soccer before basketball.
    When an athletic person from outside the US is about 6'5" or above, basketball seems like the obvious sport to focus on if they want to play sports because the options are somewhat limited. So most of your tall best athletes are playing basketball where many (most?) of the best Euro athletes under 6'5 are playing soccer.
    Yes guards in Nba are crazy athletic and few who are not are crazy skilled, like Curry. Rubio is playing o.k, but unfortunately he had bad luck with injuries and his shooting is just too bad. I just can't put Dragic anywhere near Drazen. He is having great carrier but something is missing. I hope Doncic can do even better, but he can't do that like classic guard, only if he will be able to play point forward. His career will really depend on who will draft him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer Bob View Post
    Like I said too big expectations. From clubs, players, fans, press... And there's other thing. Spanoulis, De Colo, Shved... are all guards and the last white guard from Europe who did something in Nba was Petrovic. It's much easier for white big guys to succeed in Nba.
    In my opinion, this is more like a self expectation of those players, Nba Teams are not likely to prospect any of them as a franchise player and those characters above are not meant to be a role player or they cannot simply adopt to another mindset..

    I also think athleticism is the most important trait that cannot be developed, Muscle and Strength can be always added, Those Nba Trainers are good enough to turn a chicken into Rambo in a year or less..

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