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    Default NBA 2017 draft

    I've been trying to get in touch with my favourite NBA topic, the draft, over the past few weeks.

    Do you guys feel 2017 is a strong class?

    I'm impressed with Fultz as far as the highlights go. However his team was far from succesfull this season and drafting a guy at no.1, when his team did abysmail goes totaly against my bball phylosophy to be honest. I've read some pro's and con's, however I believe if a guy has supposedly such quality there is no way he wouldn't be able to make his teamates better and that's wat imo a good player is all about.
    Also he is supposedly not giving some extra effort on defense, some people believe that's a matter of effort and that could easily change, I don't though.
    No need to say that as much as I am impressed with the guy, I'm a bit spectic on his NBA career.

    Everybody are raving about Lonzo Ball's weird shot, but than again he has the court vision, drove his team to sweet 16. His release point is still relatively high, not certain about speed of mechanics in comparison with conventional shot and how that'll turn out in the NBA, could be too long. I like the types that play a bit differently though, he'll likely drop into 5-10th place, but he could make a good career later on imo.

    As for europeans:
    Ntilikina posses some serious athleticism and good height + wingspan. Not dissing his team Strassbourg at all, but he hasn't yet showed some performances there to justfy a lotto pick to be honest. People are under impression of Schroeder and what Ntilikina could become (but isn't as of now, yet) and imo that's ussualy a very dangerous mix when it comes to euro players. At least it definately is with the tall guys, not big enough sample for guards imo.
    Ntilikina needs a team that would have patience and let him develop, while relying on his contribution on the defensive end. As a SG imo. These things might be essential with his development, yet aren't to be taken for granted with all teams in the league imo.

    Markaanen will likely be drafted pretty high.

    Haven't seen Hartenstein in a while, hopefully he worked on his weak arm by now

    Vezenkov will be auto-eligible, mock drafts consider him towards the end of the second, might fall into that Jokić/Hernangomez cathegory of players performing well in europe and transfering that to NBA while going under the radar on draft night.
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    That's funny shit.I cant believe there are sports fans thinking like it.It's like Federer losing to random Japanese player in round 1 of French Open but tournament director stepping in and saying "hey it was a fluke win who wants to watch a random Japanese guy in next round,Federer qualifies"

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    I completely agree on Fultz. Ball I just have a feeling is a guy where if he stays healthy (a legitimate concern with guys with his build) could be a hell of a player. He just seems to have an "it" factor that hasn't yet shown itself.

    Josh Jackson is the biggest and most enigmatic prospect. He could be an Andrew Wiggins or he could be yet another athletic bust. After him it's Malik Monk. Fox is overrated and I doubt will ever get over himself enough to be anything other than a ball-dominant player who kills his team. Lauri could very well be a star. He has the offensive game and the skills and if put in the right situation could develop a quicker game that he'll need against NBA players. Don't sleep on Collins, either. That kid has the "it" factor.

    I don't know the Euros very well yet so I won't comment on them but as for sleepers in the draft... Harry Giles could be another Terrence Jones. Sindarius Thornwell could be another Wes Matthews. We all know how great Josh Hart is. Peter Jok could be another Schroeder. Bacon is highly overlooked and could be an impact player.

    What's amazing about this draft though is the way the Tournament played out, it completely overshadowed the players whose being drafted into it will change the NBA. Miles Bridges is a late-first round more efficient Paul George. Tatum could be another Rudy Gay. Let's not forget Issac, either. Justin Patten is very interesting. Honestly this draft is stacked with sleepers, like potentially Jabari Bird, to name just one. This draft class alone should add huge depth to the league and squeeze available spots even more. There are plenty of guys nobody is talking about who could be very good NBA players. Oh, and don't sleep on LJ Peak, either. Could be another Johnathan Simmons.

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