That was a few days ago.

Today Lampe carried the team to the second round (28p 15r 5a), Pargo shot 32% (and 29% from the stripe).

Pargo is supposed to be the scorer, but is more like a chucker. Shoots <40% in most games and still gets all the touches. These players bring nothing to the league. Lampe isn't a huge scorer, but he can shoot, pass and post up, and is a very good offensive rebounder while playing with a lot of hustle and intensity. This is the type of player China needs.

There were some good European players in China more than 20 years ago like Šauļus Štombergs but at that time there were no good American imports. Most Americans in the early 1990s were Division 2 or 3 talents. Since 2000 CBA imports have been 98% Americans. Americans typically score a lot but also tend to have prima donna attitudes. European imports tend to be team players, and as such traditionally have a hard time adapting to CBA, and Chinese coaches don't know how to use them, so they haven't found much success.

Lampe is the first really successful European in the CBA in a long time.