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Thread: European prospects born 01'

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    Default European prospects born 01'

    As for BiH:

    Tarik Biberović 6'7'' SG/SF

    I was kinda disappointed with his performance in the last year U16 EC. Bosnia was relegated, he was still best player of the team but not like he was impressive at all. In his defence, he missed all of the preparation games before the tournament because he was injured.

    He played really well in the Belgrade ANGT tournament(just finished) for the Spars(unlike previous years, they had really weak team this time). In four games he averaged: 17.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.3 blocks(and 5 TO).

    And remember, this is a competition for the 99' born, and he is 01'.

    Last year he was 6'6'', now he is legit 6'7'', could still be growing, he is a guard now but could end as a forward.

    Amar Mehić 6'10'' C

    He was on the bench for the most of the time in the last year U16. He was on the bench for the most of the time in the mentioned Belgrade ANGT tournament for the his club Mega.

    Still, scouts are very high on him. He's tall and well built. Future will tell.

    Both of them will have an opportunity in this summer to help Bosnia return to the U16 division A.
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    there was very good tourament in Italy for 2001. Real beat Cibona in finals, Mario Nakic, won MVP. Very talented kid

    In Cibona most and Croatia most interesting 2001. born player is Matej Rudan, 203cm SF/PF. Very skilled player. If he gets few more CM he can make great carer at PF.
    However most interesting in Cibona is Roko Prkacin, son of Niksa Prkacin, who at the moment plays all 5 positions. He is 2002 born. It looks like he has his father body, already very strong 200 meter body while unlike his father he is very skilled. With his talent if he reaches his father height and athletic abilitys he has a chance to be star player. Split missed their best player in Gizdavcic. Iteresting PG.

    you can watch all games on net, here is finals

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    A "all 5 positions" skilled, yet as robust as Nikša Prkaćin would be a superstar potential
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