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Thread: Euroleague Regular Season: Week 22

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beno View Post
    I don't need stats for this. Sloukas and Dixon are not the best players with best statistics in Europe but they are just what we need for the big games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beno View Post
    Well it is mainly Dixon isn't it. A playmaker that does not distribute the ball around isn't much of a playmaker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozziem View Post
    Don't be sure, I watch Olympiakos, look really strong, but against concantrated CSKA , You have no much chance.
    Olympiakos power will be decided in Fener match. I have said Olympiakos i a lot better than Pao , Im sure this, but now not more strong.
    In Fener match, If Oly can battle with Fener, (no need to win, only stay in game in last seconds) I can say Oly is really strong and I can say "they might beat CSKA, Real." in this time
    Why do you want Fener to end third anyways? If they end up forth and play Pao, then Fener is already in Final Four according to your opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victorious View Post
    Why do you want Fener to end third anyways? If they end up forth and play Pao, then Fener is already in Final Four according to your opinion.
    I want this too much. How did you get the result I wanted Fener third? I haven't write about this.
    Im Efes Fan in basketball, I support Galatasaray in football, but I sympati Fener in basketball because Fener is the strongest Turkish team.
    And Fener probably finish 4 th if Oly doesn't lose suprize matches. But I am not be sure about Pao would finish 5 th. Pao will lose many matches. You will see next weeks.
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    *I like the possibility of EFES to reach f4
    *I hate Pao
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    * protest İslamic goverment in Turkey because they force Efes PİLSEN to change its name, I drink more Efes beer after that against goverment.
    short term options
    *After Barac, Omic is silly player too .

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    Predictions for final standings are useless since 1-2 points difference is nothing with eight rounds to go. Of course there is some evidence from teams' performance, form, results, schedule etc. but things can change and in fact they did change in a positive or negative way for a lot of teams so far. The only thing for which you can be almost certain is that the first three teams will finish top four places and that's just because they already have a 4 wins lead from fifth.

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