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Thread: Luka Doncic

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    2018 draft 1st pick?

    What do you think, watch video and see for your self.

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    One anecdote about Doncic. He was invited to Galatasaray youth setup in 2011 along with couple of other guys from different countries in the matter of acquiring a vision on opening the youth setup to talented foreign players. Galatasaray youth staff had opted for Kristijan Nikolov instead Doncic. He can seriously bless his lucky star, if he would have ended up in Turkey, his story would be completely different. We are talking about an organization which couldn't manage to obtain a license due to work permit rules for Nikolov for 3 years. Doncic's game would never be like as it is now, his development most probably would have stalled due to chaotic basketball environment here.

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