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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindozas View Post
    I don't know which game you're talking about, but it might be cause back in those days there was a rule - if you were fouled, you could either shoot FTs, either just continue possesion, so for defending team, which was losing, there was no point in making a foul, obviously none were goin' to shoot FTs, so they had to try to steal the ball
    Very good point , I completely forgot about that .
    But then again , with the twist of modern attitude added to these kind of situations, then the loosing team could have still fouled as soon as possible to stop the clock ,hoping either for free throws (as they do now ) or to force a turnover ,even if the clock was reset in the next possession . Rinse and repeat .
    And let that be a lesson to you all. Nobody beats Zalgiris 17 times in a row.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawshank View Post
    If we are choosing best lithuanian national team players of all time Kalnietis should be higher than Chomicius no doubt.But as player individually Chomicius in his prime or Kalnietis is his prime i have to say i would choose Chomicius.But saying that how Mantas ir playing for our national team i would find a place for him in top 12 players of all time.Something with Mantas and NT ,when he is with Lietuva jersey he is playing basketball as one of the best pg in entire Europe.And it happend not once,not twice so he would have my vote in making all time LTU nt team over Chomicius.Mantas would be my backup up PG.

    But in clubs competions Valdemaras was better player and fantastic defender,maybe even the best lithuanias perimeter defender of all time.
    These criterias are really hard to measure. I mean some players made little impact in national team like such, but some made huge impact on our basketball overall, but never really had a chance to play for NT due to occupation or played very little. The same Modestas Paulauskas was one of the best players of his generation, had NBA offer in 19-20yo. Then we had Stepas Butautas, another legendary player, who was huge in his time, leader of Soviet NT. Both of them made huge impact on our basketball overall, were idols of upcoming generation, lot of kids started to play bball thnx to them, also both coached. Before WWII we had players like Feliksas Kriauciunas, who not only was among the best players in Europe during his days, twice European champ, even coach of 1937 NT, but he made so much for our bball to be alive at all. He was one of the pioneers of bball in our country. The same legendary Pranas Lubinas came later. Judging on how good they were during their playin' time, all of them should be easily in our all-time roster. But again, it's hard to evaluate the talent, while game itself made enormous step forward, so current generation has huge advantage here

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