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Thread: Euroleague FINAL FOUR 2013 - London

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympiakos View Post
    In the same way the extended stands "can't" be used?

    What's the problem?
    Don't get me wrong. I would like a final four at SEF. However:

    1. SEF is too old (and it looks it);
    2. It is not an ideal basketball arena;
    3. Capacity is not enough (even with the additional stands).

    I mean, it would be a bit of a disgrace if after hosting the final four at the wonderful and lavish O2 arena it is hosted at the rusty, decrepid, old SEF.

    SEF urgently needs to be modernised and referbished and hopefully transformed into a proper basketball venue.

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    It doesn't have to be "ideal" in my opinion, neither "lavish". How many stadiums around Europe earn this status anyway? Also with the extensions it will look and become more basketball appropriate plus the capacity will reach 16000, which is more than enough.

    Basically I threw the idea mostly because of the 7-year cycle knowing in advance the very little chances since we are not even among the candidates to host the next F4, unless I'm doing a mistake.
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    A Lebanese friend of mine who is pursuing his EBI Masters (Euroleague Basketball Institute Master in Sports Management & Marketing) and who attended many lectures and clinics at the Final 4 in London told me that there is a good chance that Berlin might host the Final 4 next season instead of London. Nothing is official yet of course....

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