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Thread: Music Videos With Tributes to Basketball

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
    These are the select national players and proud of their country when they wear their colours on court.. We shouldn't put them down as unsuccessful athletes...

    After reading your comments, me, au contraire, I found the Austrians cheeky, self-deprecating and real cute -- I would have added - just adorable... The amateurish "childish" aspect of the video makes it even more interesting to watch... you know they are approachable, down to earth, very friendly and genuinely nice if they dare put themselves to this.

    If people didn't follow them before, I guess just by checking their videos, they will fall for them and attend their matches from now on...

    As for "real good players", they are just stuffy, traditional (read as boring) -- so no match to do joyful daring clips I guess


    I just remembered the players of the Denver Nuggets in their gorgeous small video for "Ae se eu te pego!" for Christmas 2011. All their lame attempts to try to dance as they miserably fail to deliver... yet touch us with their warmth... I just can't get enough of their great cute little video of a minute of sheer entertainment

    PS I just can't believe I passed the 4000 mark with my crappy comments LOL. I just checked my counter on the side and it says Ive done 4002 comments now...

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    Culcha Candela (German dancehall band based in Berlin) - "Von Allein"

    A truly international song with so many flags

    and yes - basketball!!!!

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    Billy Gillman - "Oklahoma"

    When he comes to his real dad, in the background we see a home basketball backboard on the driving lot. This is just at around minute 2:55 in the music video

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    Chris Brown feat. T-Pain - "Kiss Kiss"

    Singing in basketball court
    (video is reversed for copyright)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuDux View Post
    Is it just me, or..
    It's definitely there...

    BTW, at 1:39
    "One more thing, if any admin delit this topic than the next time you will hear from me will not be on this forum but in a court of law with human right crimes on your shoulders, racism, nazism, breaking international law."

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    Zifou (a young rapper from France) - "On donne ça" feat. Léa Castel

    Some scenes shot on a basketball court

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    Linkup (a French boy band that included M Pokora) - "Mon étoile"

    There is a basketball scene 0:36 in video

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    Asher Roth - "I Love College"

    for mentioning two great basketball players

    He sings:
    So fill up my cup, let's get fucked up
    I'm next on the table, who want what?
    I am champion at beer pong
    Allen Iverson, Hakeem Olajuwon

    You might think what lousy lyrics that has nothing to do with Iverson and Olajuwon.
    But usually when young people want to show prowess or boast about something, they shout out names of sports people they like.. thus Asher Roth bringing up his favourite players names...

    Asher Roth is managed by Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen and Korean sensation Psy

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    Eli et Papillon - "À Contrecoeur"

    Music video filmed on a basketball court

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    Rudimental feat. John Newman - "Feel the Love"

    Basketball while riding a horse - honest!

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    N-Gritz feat. Lovepreet Sandhu - "Precious Moments - Yaaran di yaad rap"

    Indian rap with some basketball scenes

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    Rasel featuring Jadel (Spanish actas) - "Viven"

    Basketball particularly at the beginning
    (sampling of Life is life)

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    Nicola Ciccone (Italian Canadian) - "Ordinary Man"

    Some kids with a basketball beginning of video. kids playing basketball middle of the video

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    Haim in "Don't Save Me"

    A basketball music video from beginning to end

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    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (USA) - "Wings"

    An amazing song, an amazing video

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    "Notre Home" is a Quebec bilingual English/French song calling for harmony among Quebec's anglophones and francophones.

    The music video features images of a diverse group of youngsters playing in a park and it includes upbeat chords with lyrics such as, "We're living in a place that we want to share". Some scenes use, amongst others, basket balls alluding to basketball being shared by Quebecers of all origins.

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    The Underdog Project (Canada) - "Summer Jam"

    A lot of basketball in Miami

    The single cover also features basketball

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    Farfadet et Rymz - "Indomptable"

    Basketball in French-language rap

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    Mo Sabri (USA) - "I Believe in Jesus"

    There is a 15 second basketball scene starting at 3:00

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    Kristoffer Rahbek (a YouTube sensation from Denmark) - Cover of "Hate That I Love You"

    Some basketball scenes

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