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Thread: Women's Basketball Chinese Tour: USA, Australia, New Zealand and China

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    Default Women's Basketball Chinese Tour: USA, Australia, New Zealand and China

    We are taking an All-Star Team of recent USA college graduates on a two week 9-game 3-city tour of China. In each of the three locations there is a round robin tournament with the U17 national teams of China, Australia and New Zealand. We are covering this through articles on our website. After four games, the USA and China are 3-1, Australia is 2-2 and New Zealand is 0-4. Here are links to today's articles.

    You can follow the tour on our website. Cheers!

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    Default USA Tops China, Aussies edge New Zealand

    Here's the latest from the China tour from Zhongxian:

    USA and Australia win:

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    Default Latest results from Zhongxian

    Here is our latest articles on the last day in Zhongxian City. USA and China win. Tomorrow is a travel day but we will have the All-Zhongxian teams posted.

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    Default All-Tournament Team from ZhongXian

    These two articles are our All-Tournament team from ZhongXian and additional coverage of the China-Australia game from Wednesday night.


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    Default USA All-Stars top China National B Team

    Here's the last post from out Chinese tour. We are headed home!

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    With the impressive win over Chinese "B" senior NT, USA All-Stars wrapped up the 3-tournament 9-game China tour with an overall 8-1 record, the only loss coming in the first tournament from the Chinese junior selection in a very close game.
    USA All-Stars squad was made of 2011-12 college seniors players coming from the West and the Midwest, most of them unheralded at national level (the best known being imo UCLA's Rebekah Gardner). In most games scoring was spread among all players, while rebounding and passing were impressive as well. Really a good team, indeed.
    China (Junior + B senior team) finished with a 6-3 record, Australia U17 in preparation for the next World's championship was 4-5 and New Zealand junior Kiwis 0-9.

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    Here are the All-Tournament Teams. The first link is the overall tour All-Tournament team, the second link is the All-Tournament Team from the last location, Xiangyang. This was a great experience for all the girls and we thank our hosts from China for all their help and hospitality!


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