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Thread: Player that you underrate for no good reason

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    Default Player that you underrate for no good reason

    Everyone has a player like "know" he is a good player, but you underrate him anyway...maybe he had a really bad game the first time you saw him, or he plays for a rival team and you just think he sucks on principle. Reggie Miller was that player for me in the NBA.

    In Euroball it is Erazem Lorbek, because I always associate him with this game.
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    Prigioni, Raul Lopez, Fridzon, Blu , Langford

    Just thought of the first 4 players as mostly blue-collar role players, not the ones to hit big games deciding shots.
    As for Langford , I think he sucks on principle.

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    i see lot of todays euroleague players, not to metnion rest as qite average generic players so i guess i might underreate them all
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    I underrate Pnini because he is a piece of shit . You tell me if that is a good or bad reason

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