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Thread: Mainini wants year-round national team competitions

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    Default Mainini wants year-round national team competitions

    Read the article here:

    My first response is: no! Only a retard would come up with this kind of a plan.

    If Mainini's project were implemented, it would mean that really weak national teams would compete with strong national teams all year long. Weak teams already have opportunities to qualify in their respective zone competitions (FIBA Asia, FIBA Africa, FIBA Europe, etc). Why do they need more opportunities? If they suck, they suck.

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    Didn't FIBA-Europe already shoot down his plan to just have one zonal championship every four years? I thought it was a good plan but I can understand that the zones have their own interests.

    They used to have Eurobasket qualification thoughout the year and the clubs hated it, back when there weren't as many players in the NBA. Don't see how it would be workable now.
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    Will never happen. FIBA is not FIFA, while the latter has near absolute power over the sport, FIBA can't make demands of any of the major leagues. At best they can only politely ask, and if they did ask this of the NBA, Stern would laugh in their face.

    EDIT: I will say I like the idea of cutting continental championships to just one, with one summer completely off. But I also noticed he says he wants to expand the World Cup by 8 teams....really? I mean it's a nice goal to eventually get too, but he makes it seem that's the goal for 2014. So really mixed bag of wishful thinking, good ideas, and laughable ideas.
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    why do they do this does fiba have money?

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