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Thread: Blat!" Let Papaloukas go!"....

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    Default Blat!" Let Papaloukas go!"....

    When he signed with Maccabi I was not sure about the move
    But! Once he was already signed -we could get much more from him.

    I feel terrible to see him sitting on the bench WHILE Blatt screaming on the sidelines ...
    He did not come to take the championship in Israel
    Especially when most of the games he did not get dressed!

    Enough! TO his suffering!
    Enough! TO MY suffering ...and people like me, WHO also, probably, can not see this shameful "picture"!

    BLATTS ego is too much for me..

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    I was really hoping for a Menk Bateer-like run to the championship.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fedfan
    Most ppl get childish when they lose.
    Quote Originally Posted by GuTO
    refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players

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    blatt want some specific things from his players-defense and to be athletic, players who don't have those abilities won't be trusted by blatt(lior also is a good example).
    i don't like this philosophy, but this way he want his team to be.

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    papa is not an euroleague player since 2 seasons
    he was a dramatic add last summer, an add who officially showed us wich is actual mta budget,scouting and ambitious.
    he didnt deserve more minutes than he played
    said that
    is crazy that blatt just wan ONE ONLY KIND OF PLAYER.he even transformed smith revolutioning his natural skills. even he loaned macvan because he didnt fit his basket!!!
    well a great coach, must organize the best basket for the kind of players he has
    mta this year had to play a different basketball considering his roster
    trying to play blatt basketball anyway we simply played a bad quality of basket . he asked his roster, something that didnt perfectly fit with his players
    hope next summer he will better choise players to add, because last summer he failed all choises.last year was probably best blatt's season. this year, probably the worse

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