Hi, first of all I am going to introduce myself,
My name is Manuel, I am 20 years old(almost 21),my height is 189cm(6'2"), my weight is 87kg (191) and I live in Spain

Until I got 18 years I played basketball (I took it pretty seriously), but since I got in college for one reason or another I gave up basketball. But now I have time again and I want to prepare myself to play the next year.

I have made a training program that last since the next week until the last week of August. Before doing it I had a look at the book "Supertraining" by Verkhoshansky and more specifically I based my program in this post of his official forum:


I have made it as good as I could with what I could understand from those sources, but my knowledge of physical training is limited and superficial. So I would like that you help me correcting or improving what I have made.

Here is the excel file with the workout program:

I have the following questions:

Block A:

- ¿Are the calves, like any other muscle, trained (for strength) with series of 2-5 reps or are they special?
- I dont really know how to set up the Fartlek part, prof. Verkhoshansky says about that:"Prolonged aerobic running of the preceding block should be gradually substituted by Aerobic Fartlek", besides, even after searching in the Internet I still cant understand the difference between Fartlek and Hiit. So I really need some support with this part.

Block B:

- I think I will do the explosive strength training of the upper body with medicine balls, but I would like to know whether or not should I complement it with exercises at the weights room (Which ones?)
- I neither know to set up the uphill running, prof. Verkhoshansky says:"20 – 30 m distance uphill running executed with complete recovery after each repetition. During the recovery phases, athletes must execute light running accelerations". I don't understand what he means with "light running accelerations" during the recovery phase, I also don't know how many repetitions should I do nor how inclined should the be the hill.

Block C:

- Here I don't have any specific doubt, but I would like you to recommend me some exercises to do within this period..

Out of my questions any other correction or recommendation will be welcome.

Before setting up this workout I have spent a while looking for on in the Internet, and surprisingly and did not find any good one, so I think is interesting as It could be useful to people that are or could be in the same situation as me.

Well, sorry for the brick and thanks in advance!

ps: Sorry for my English, it is not as good as I would like it to be.