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Thread: Euroleague statistics & more.

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    Default Euroleague statistics & more.

    Does anyone know if there's a site providing all the statistics (Win-loss records) for the Euroleague teams?
    In UEFA Champions league site, there's a section which provides all the statistic history for all the teams.
    For example here, you can find for PAO football team, how many participations they have in Uefa cup - champions league - European cup, and what is their win-loss record.

    In Euroleague site, you can find only the number of the European titles and the domestic ones

    I would love to see a list like that one bellow for Euroleague teams providing miscellaneous informations.


    I am trying to find more informations for Panathinaikos bc but I can't.

    I am very curious to see what's my team's win loss record in all the European competitions. (Euroleague Eurocup Corac cup etc)

    I am sure that some one has keep the records but it seems that there are nowhere on the net.
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