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Thread: Do you want the NBA to adapt the Current FIBA rules?

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    Default Do you want the NBA to adapt the Current FIBA rules?

    What do you think? I also want to see them to use Molten GF7 as the Official Ball of the NBA. By the way I love FIBA Rules regarding Hand Checking.

    Q. What is the FIBA rule regarding hand-checking on a player facing the basket (perimeter player)? What is the FIBA rules regarding hand-checking on a player with their back to the basket (post player)?
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    Hand checking on a player facing the basket:

    1. Touching or tagging by a defender is not necessary a foul.

    2. An official must determine if a player is gaining an advantage with such contact.

    3. When a player in any way restricts or controls the player being guarded, then a foul should be called.

    4. Anytime a defender places both hands on their opponent ... it’s a foul.

    Checking a player with heir back to the basket (post):

    1. With or without the ball is of no consequence.

    2. One point of contact is permitted, hand, arm or arm bar, shoulder, leg or knee is legal.

    3. If the contact causes any dislodging of a player, it’s a foul.

    4. The dislodging by a post player on an defender also applies.

    Perimeter Play:

    1. Tagging is not illegal.

    2. If an player’s contact on their opponent forces the player being checked to change direction or takes the player off their path, either sideline to sideline or towards the basket, it a foul.

    3. The responsibility is on both the offensive and defensive player, if the contact dislodges the player from their position or attempting to get to a position, it’s a foul.

    We attempt to train officials to be aware of the above but it difficult for an official to judge this contact when the official is not covering the action in his coverage area by constantly watching the action near the ball. Off ball coverage is the most difficult action for younger or one dimensional officials to adapt to.

    FIBA Rules is real basketball. You don't get superstar treatments in the FIBA World Championship and Olympics.

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    NO, I do not want NBA to adapt all FIBA rules. The only rules I want to change in the NBA is

    1. bring back hand checking.

    2. Get rid of the 3 second defense violation. I think NBA should allow zone defense.

    Most of the other official rules of NBA I agree with. I also think some rules in NBA and NCAA are better than FIBA. For example instant video replay. If a ref makes a wrong call the coach can challenge. Ref can also look at replay if they disagree. In NBA I also like that the game is longer at 48 minutes instead of 40 minutes. enjoy watching more basketball not less. No reason to change the NBA ball or any league ball they are all similar enough.

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