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Frozen Hoops: History of Professional Basketball in Canada

On this site we are also compiling the Top 100 Canadian basketball players of all time...check out the list and the additions and make your own suggestions. Also have the Top 5 teams of all time. Right now it is in alphabetical order and will need assistance in choosing it in ability order 1-to-100....

here is the list for your viewing but also go to site for more info.

Thanks Curtis J. Phillips

Here is my starting selection for the Top 100 Canadian basketball players of all time starting with the Top 5 teams followed by the Top 52 to date in alphabetical order. Any suggestions for the remaining 49 then e-mail me at cjphillips@shaw.ca or use message box at bottom of page

C - Bill Wennington (Dallas 85-86 to 89-90; Sacramento 90-91 and 99-00; Chicago 93-94 to 98-99 Selected by Dallas, 1985 NBA Draft, 16th pick

F - Bob Houbregs (Naismith Hall of Fame member.. Milwaukee and Baltimore 53-54, Baltimore-Boston-Fort Wayne 54-55; Fort Wayne/Detroit 55-56 to 57-58; Selected by Milwaukee, 1953 NBA Draft Born in Canada but left at an early age)

F - Rick Fox (Boston 91-92 to 96-97; LA Lakers 97-98 to present; Selected by Boston, 1991 NBA Draft, 24th pick

G - Leo Rautins (Philadelphia 83-84 Atlanta 84-85 Selected by Philadelphia, 1983 NBA Draft, 17th pick

G - Steve Nash (Phoenix 96-97 and 97-98; Dallas 98-99 to present; Selected by Phoenix, 1996 NBA Draft, 15th pick

C- Todd MacCulloch (Philadelphia 99-00 and 00-01; New Jersey 01-02; Philadelphia 02-03 to present. Selected by Philadelphia, 1999 NBA Draft, 47th pick

F- Jammal Magloire (Charlotte/New Orleans 00-01 to present; Selected by Charlotte, 2000 NBA Draft, 19th pick F- Bobby Croft (Boston, 1970 NBA Draft, 123rd pick played in the ABA)

G- Stewart Granger (Cleveland 83-84; Atlanta 84-85 New York 86-87;
Selected by Cleveland, 1983 NBA Draft, 24th pick

G- Eli Pasquale (Seattle, 1984 NBA Draft, 106th pick)

C - Mike Smrek (Chicago 85-86; LA Lakers 86-87 to 87-88; San Antonio 88-89; Golden State 89-90; Golden State, Clippers 90-91; Golden State 91-92; Selected by Portland, 1985 NBA Draft, 25th pick

F * - Lars Hansen (Seattle 78-79; Selected by Chicago, 1976 NBA Draft, 37th pick

F- Gerald Kazanowksi (Utah, 1983 NBA Draft, 146th pick)

G- Jay Triano (LA Lakers, 1981 NBA Draft, 179th pick

G- Norm Baker (NBA cup of coffee Canuck player of half century 1900-50)

C - Jim Zoet (NBA cup of coffee)
F - Michael Meeks
F- William Njoku Indiana, 1994 NBA Draft, 41st pick
G- Gino Sovran (Toronto 1946-47)
G- Mickey Fox (Detroit, 1975 NBA Draft, 169th pick)

C- Ron Crevier (Golden State, Detroit 85-86; Selected by Chicago, 1983 NBA Draft, 75th pick
F - Greg Wiltjer (Chicago, 1984 NBA Draft, 43rd pick)
F - Mike Brkovich (NBA draft 81)
G - Ernie Vandeweghe ()New York 49-50 to 53-54 and 55-56; Selected by New York, 1949 NBA Draft
G - Karl Tillemen (Denver, 1984 NBA Draft, 79th pick

Of the below list, 17 have played in the National Basketball Association, one in the American Basketball Association and an additional 16 had been drafted in the NBA but didn't played. One member is also in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield Mass.

** The Canadian content for players is that they were born in Canada or have played a significant portion of their career here. Example Brian Heaney was not born here but played university here. Bob Houbergs was born here but grew up and played in the USA. ***

In Alphabetical Order

Norm Baker
Rowan Barrett
Hank Biasseti
Mike Brkovich
David Coulthard
Ron Crevier
Bobby Croft
Carl English
Mickey Fox
Rick Fox
Stewart Granger
Cameron Hall
Sherman Hamilton
Lars Hansen
Brian Heaney
Bob Houbergs
Barry Howson
Prosper Karangwa
Howard Kelsey
Gerald Kazanowksi
Gerry Livingston
Todd MacCulloch
Jammal Magloire
John McKibbon
Danny Meagher
Michael Meeks
Perry Mirkovich
Barry Mungar
Steve Nash
Greg Newton
William Njoku
Eli Pasquale
Rommel Raffin
Leo Rautins
Carl Ridd
Martin Riley
Billy Robinson
William Rogin
Tony Simms
Wayne Smith
Mike Smrek
Gino Sovran
Fred Thomas
Karl Tillemen
Phil Tollestrup
Jay Triano
Ernie Vandeweghe
Keith Vassel
Bill Wennington
Greg Wiltjer
Wayne Yearwood
Jim Zoet
No. 53 - Additional Player(s) not mentioned above
YOUR SUGGESTION(s) to add to the Top 100 list:
Diana Masri "I just saw a game in Brantford in the new OPBA league, and at 34 Martin Keane is a force to be reckoned with."

Carrie "Peter Guarasci is from my hometown of Niagara Falls. He has been on our national team for many years and has also played professionally in Europe. He would be a good selection for the Top 100."

Dave Wells: "I saw Ron Thorsen (in my mind a slashy 6'3" guard) play for UBC when I was a kid and was so impressed! I don't really know how good he was (because at that age I didn't have much to compare him to), but he must have been reasonable. I know he was drafted by the NBA in a supplemental draft around 1972/73 but haven't been able to find it on-line. As for additional players, I'm not sure if he's top-100, but Tim Tollestrup was a significant national team starter too

Editors Note: Also read in Guest Book, Dave's valued opinion on the rating or non rating of Tim Tollestrup not making the Top Five Canadian Teams. Dave is longtime editor at the Lethbridge Herald and a current director of Basketball Alberta. If my memory serves me right, I also corresponded with him in early 80s' when Alberta Dusters (CBA) were around.

Kyle Jessome: "Here is a centre, forward and guard for your Top 100 list. Byron Tokarchuk (U of Saskatchewan), J.D. Jackson (U.B.C.) and Richard Bohne (Calgary). All three were university all-stars and the best players in the country."

Brandon: "Hands down Henry Bekkering (now at Eastern Washington) will be in the Top 5 (Canadians) in a few years. over. This white boy can dunk just as good as Vince Carter. Check out these sick dunks. Check it out."