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Thread: Does Vietnam have a basketball team/players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bballcrazy View Post
    Crowd support is great, but to be honest its way lower level then the ABL teams, you need to start from grassroots level and built from young, it takes years or even more than a decade to develop a pool of talented players. You can see the difference in skill level when a team like Saigon Heat are pitted against better players/teams in the ABL.

    Btw ,the only viet local that has significant minutes in abl is stefan nguyen, his a good facilitator but not dominant in scoring and I feel still not experienced enough generally. The rest of the locals can barely even play and look like amateurs.
    the league is in its infancy. it will improve overtime. some VBL teams are participating in outside leagues like the one in Thailand right now. and some of the players are joining the vietnam ABL Team. hopefully VBL teams will also join philippine leagues like PBADL.
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    Default Basketball Players and Coaches of Vietnamese Heritage Wanted!

    This is a great thread, wish i had known about this earlier. Vietnam is looking for additional Vietnamese heritage players to be a part of VBA, National Team, and the Saigon Heat. We are also looking for players of Vietnamese heritage for the women's national team. Please continue to share any players or coaches you may know of Vietnamese descent that might be qualified and interested.

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