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Thread: Is Steve Nash as good or better than John Stockton?

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    Default Is Steve Nash as good or better than John Stockton?

    I remembered when Nash was drafted by the Suns in 1996 out of Santa Clara after averaging a modest 15ppg & 6apg.
    Some were mentioning that he'd become the second coming of John Stockton. However, majority of analysts were like 'no way'.
    Stockton is an original Dream Team member as well as Team USA ('96) while leading the league in assists multiple times while being a quality defender.
    Stockton is a future hall of famer and according to Bob Cousey the ideal point guard and to a certain degree the purest "If you opened a basketball dictionary and looked under the word Point Guard the example that would be shown is John Stockton". We all know how good this guy was however, the Canadian is a back to back MVP. We all know that's quality however, does that bring him to the class of Stockton or even higher such as Kareem or Karl Malone?Is it possible to compare the two? or not since maybe the 90s were at a higher level than today's NBA?
    One can point out that though Nash has a much better jumper and scoring mentaility. But there's no way that makes up for Stockton's much better defense.
    However, one can argue that Stockton's assists mainly were to the Mailman since the Pick N Roll was just so effectively executed by the two in comparison to Nash to could be considered having better court vision finding Amare or Matrix down low or before finding Richardson and Joe Johnson outside.
    What do you guys think?Cheers.

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    one word-DEFENCE.
    Stoc was never expozed by Charly Bell, Smush Parker and Billups

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    Well stoc never won the MVP,Nash did it 2 in a raw(he also romured to be this years MVP although i said WTF it should have been labron).
    But as a passer Stoc's carrer avg is 10+ APG for all of hes carrer,Nash is far far from it in carrer stats.
    But if you want PG abilites and not just passes, Nash is the main and best player of the Suns,stoc was only a right hand man for the big star that was the mailman.
    So for stocs side i'd say:
    The best APG for a carrer avg.
    For Nash side i'd say:
    2 time MVP
    The main star of hes team.
    2-1 for Nash...for here all can make the call, as they see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanBoy
    But if you want PG abilites and not just passes, Nash is the main and best player of the Suns,stoc was only a right hand man for the big star that was the mailman.
    Stockton was more then just a "right hand man" for Malone. Stockton was the purest (and one of the greatest) PGs ever. Stockton (and Kidd for that matter, hell Zeke!) would be just as good in the Suns style of play. Hell, Stock would probably be averaging 14 apg!

    Stockton was a good shooter (mid-range, 3-pointer, FTs) and much better defense. Stockton (all-time in assists and steals) was a legit star himself and future HOFer.

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    Well, this argument is usually used to show how ridiculous Nash's MVPs are, since he obviously ISN'T as good as Stockton, yet he won two more MVPs than him. While I agree that it's pretty ridiculous in a historical sense for Nash to have two MVPs, that isn't the same as him not deserving them based on these specific seasons. That doesn't take into account the competition, and no one is dominating like Jordan then.

    Personally, I would have picked Nowitzki for MVP this year, and probably Duncan last year, but Nash was as good as anybody and certainly has a reasonable case. The cries that Bryant and LeBron were clearly better players may or may not be valid, but they ignore the reality of 50 years of MVPs - team success is the most important factor (hence why I liked Nowitzki for this year).

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    Nash is can score more than Stock.
    Stock is more intelligent and is more pure point guard than Steve.

    Stock played against Magic, Thomas, Hardaway, Ron Harper, Payton (when he was one of the best point guard), Mark JAckson, Mark Price, Kidd (with 25 years), Rod Strickland....

    And Nash against... Billups, Parker, Bibby, Terry, Arenas, j-Williams....

    Just compare.

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    Stockton created an example of the way a point guard should play, nevermind low scoring, I mean he played the game the way it should be played- setting up his teamates, while he was also great in defense.
    I can't remember a player in NBA that played such non-flashy game, but still got such a big respect.
    Compared to Stockton Nash is scoring more is more flashy, plays more up-tempo, but I would prefer Stockton through the career over any point guard in the world

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    the diffrance between these two greats can only be said in this view in mind:
    Nash is the star of hes team..and last year gave them one of the best league recoreds...and this year also....
    Stock wasnt the no.1 guy...but the 'Mail Man' was...

    no one can compare just stats...which in that case Stockton takes all the way with the highest APG avg for a carrer...but in terms of indv achivements for there team...Nash did more...

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    Nash maybe is the best in his team, but last year he had Amare, Joe Johnson, Quen. Richardson and Shawn Marion on his team.
    Amare Quentin and Joe had not been this season but Marion is still there. It's known that Marion is not Malone but the role that John had in utah is not the same Steve has in Phoenix. John didn't need to score 20 points. Nash has to score 20 points in many games and the way of playing of Phoneix help him.

    Furthemore Nash has been MVP twice thanx to Mike D'antoni. Nash is as good as he was in Dallas.The only difference is that now he has not Dirk, Raef Michael, Antawn or Nick in the team. He hasn't changed. He's been lucky to be in Phoneix with Mike.

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