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Thread: Ivory Coast national team

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    Carlos Almeida of Angola has a good impression for Côte d'Ivoire. Almeida was quoted by the Africa Star:

    "In the last times some contenders to the African title came about, such as Cameroon and Tunisia, who joined traditional contenders like Mali, Senegal, Egypt and Nigeria. But now the main contender to dethrone Angola seems to be Côte d'Ivoire. "So, after the good performance in Libya 2009, Côte d'Ivoire decided to organise the competition this year to increase the chances to win"
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    Pape-Phillippe Amagou wont play for the national-team for personal reasons (family).

    I from Wisconsin!


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    CIV – Ivory Coast will be ready next time

    VALENCIA (Afrobasket) - There is regret, but also pride in the voice of Mo Kone when the Ivory Coast big man is asked about this summer's Afrobasket.

    The Lucentum Alicante center regrets that his talented national team wasn't able to have the ideal preparations for a tournament that was moved from in his homeland due to political problems and ultimately relocated to Madagascar.

    They finished fourth – one place out of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

    The pride is evident, however, when Kone talks about how in extraordinary circumstances, the Ivory Coast players still bonded and put a very good team on the floor.

    "It was a good experience and we made it far," Kone said to over the weekend after Alicante's win at Valencia in Spain's Liga Endesa.

    "No one expected us to make it that far because of the preparation time, it was a little bit short for us."

    Ivory Coast nearly made it to the Final but lost to eventual champions Tunisia by just three points.

    Nigeria then beat Kone and Co in the bronze-medal game.

    Disruptions in the build-up

    Organizational issues have plagued many Afrobasket teams over the years.

    In a sense, chaotic build-ups to the tournament are not the exception but rather the norm.

    It was particularly difficult for Ivory Coast this time.

    "Some players got to join us during the tournament," Kone said.

    "So our preparation, our pre-season, (actually) started at the Afrobasket."

    Ivory Coast had won the silver at Afrobasket 2009 and Tunisia bronze.

    Both teams then competed at the 2010 FIBA World Championship and Ivory Coast had one foot in the Eight-Finals before Puerto Rico hit a three-pointer at the buzzer, a shot that allowed China to go advance on a goal differential tie-breaker.

    But Tunisia followed that experience up with a great build-up to the Afrobasket while Ivory Coast did not.

    "Tunisia was a great team," Kone said.

    "They have known each other for a long time.

    "They had the long preparations, very organized - it was logical they won."

    More to offer

    What fills Kone with regret is that he knows his team can offer so much more.

    "It hurt," he admitted, "but we've got to work.

    "I know next year, our government is going to take it serious, the people that take care of the sport, because they know we have a lot of talent. All we have to do is get together at the same time and we can have a great preparation and have a great team."

    But players actually showing up and joining Ivory Coast during the Afrobasket?

    "It's just the organization," Kone said.

    "But I don't want to criticize anyone."

    When asked if it was hard for those late-arriving players to adapt to the team and tactics, Kone answered: “We played with each other in 2009 and 2010 so it's the same guys and we know each other and how each other plays.

    "We just had to adapt to the new coach and the new system.

    "That was the only problem."

    Late arrivals makes life difficult for both the players, and the coach, Kone said.

    "Some players don't know the coach's mentality," he said.

    "We had had a Swiss coach, then a Spanish coach. So we had to adapt to him and the Spanish coach - some players had different levels. Some play pro, some don't."

    But Kone has remained upbeat about the Ivory Coast and what they can achieve.

    "Yes, I have hope," he said.

    "We didn't make the Olympics.

    "But at the next African Championship, it's going to be in our home, I hope.

    "We'll be better prepared. We're ready for that, and the people will be ready for that."

    What is not uncertain is Kone's commitment to the national team.

    "I always want to come and play for my country," he said.

    "Everyone wants to represent their country.

    "I was tired and came with some little injuries, but it's always a great feeling for me to come and be with my national team."
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    CIV - Denis wants Elephants to revisit past glories

    PARIS (Afrobasket/FIBA Basketball World Cup) - The Ivory Coast have turned to a familiar name in an attempt to return to the summit of African basketball.

    Paris Levallois coach Christophe Denis, whose father was on the technical staff 26 years ago, has been put in charge.

    The Ivory Coast last won an Afrobasket title in 1985 with an 84-73 triumph over Angola.

    Four years before, they dominated the tournament in Somalia and beat Egypt in the gold-medal game, 81-65.

    Ivory Coast also have three silver medals (1978, 1980 and 2009) in their history.

    Denis believes another Afrobasket title is long overdue.

    "Ivory Coast players need to get what they deserve, which is winning the Afrobasket," the 39-year-old Denis said to

    "Qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Spain is equally one of our objectives."


    With the country hosting Afrobasket 2013, the federation and Denis are thinking about one result and one result only.

    They're thinking about the championship, and qualifying for the first FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain.

    Spanish coach Natxo Lezcano led the Elephants to a fourth-place finish at Afrobasket 2011 Semi-Final in Madagascar last year, one spot outside the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament spots.

    Nigeria beat Lezcano's side, 76-69, in the bronze-medal game.

    They and Angola will represent Africa in Caracas, Venezuela, for the 12-team OQT, where three places for the London Games will be on offer.

    The Ivory Coast federation ultimately decided not to extend Lezcano's contract and were successful in bringing Denis to the helm.

    Raising eyebrows

    To bring success to Abidjan is very important to Denis, who lived in the country from the age of two to 13 while his dad, Francis Denis, coached there.

    Christophe Denis calls the African nation "my second country."

    "For sure, what we want as the host nation is to win the tournament (Afrobasket)," Denis said.

    "This is our goal."

    There are reasons to believe he will bring desired results.

    Denis is the head coach of French side Paris Levallois in the Ligue Nationale de Basket and the team is sixth in the standings.

    "We (Paris) will seek to go as far as we are allowed to (in the post-season)," he said.

    "We don't want to win only one game in the play-offs.

    "We want more than that."

    Aware of his past links with the country, the Ivory Coast became interested in hiring him.

    The federation's vice president, former international Arsene Ade Mensah, approached Denis after watching Paris play.

    Mensah and Denis have known each other from their days as players on the same Antibes junior team.

    This summer

    Despite having his mind on matters in France right now, Denis admits he has one eye on his national team job.

    He says that he already has a plan to start his Ivorian mission.

    In June, the national team will have a four-week training camp, during which two weeks will be spent in France and some days in Tunisia - the home of the Afrobasket 2011 champions.

    Ivory Coast will play a warm-up game against France's national team in Paris in late June and around that time, Ivory Coast also expect to go up against Angola.

    Denis expects to have a lot of talent at his disposal.

    First of all, he says he plans to see "players of great potential and quality."

    "I know there are plenty of them playing in Europe such as Mouloukou Diabate, Mohamed Kone, Pape Philippe-Amagou," he said.

    "I know there are few more in the USA."

    Developing a winning mentality

    "Being talented is not enough," he said.

    "One needs a big heart and sacrifice in order to win games, and this is what we will be working on.

    "They had fantastic results in previous editions of the Afrobasket without having adequate preparation time. This gives us hope.

    "If we work well and in time, I am sure we will do even better.

    "We need to focus on motivating our players. As the host nation, we will do our best to win Afrobasket 2013."

    As for how long Denis runs the team, he said: "Initially, I have signed a contract for the Afrobasket and to qualify the team to Spain 2014.

    "As the federation wants to keep consistency in the coaching staff, we may stay longer."

    Denis is thrilled to be in charge of the national team.

    "This is a symbolic moment in my coaching career," he said.

    "It is an honor to coach my second country.

    "My father was one of the coaches along with Alphonse Bile in the African Championship 1985."

    Ivory Coast are 37th in the FIBA World Rankings, just below Senegal, and fourth in Africa rankings.

    Angola are top, followed by Nigeria.
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    Will Herve Lamizana play the 2013 FIBA Africa Championships?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonglin View Post
    Will Herve Lamizana play the 2013 FIBA Africa Championships?
    Preliminary squad for Afrobasket 2013:

    The Elephants are training in Palencia, Spain at the moment, under Spanish coach Ignacio Lezcano.
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    Ivory Coast NT final roster:

    Solo Diabaté
    Michael Toti
    Pape Amagou
    Stephane Konaté
    Ismael N'Diaye (Captain)
    Guy Landry Edi
    Charles Abouo
    Issife Soumahoro
    Jonathan Kale
    Zerbo Frejus
    Hervé Lamizana
    Mohamed Koné

    Source: Ivoirebasket's Facebook Page

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    Ivory Coast is facing Benin in a home-away series on 7-8 February. The winner of the series will qualify for Afrobasket 2015.

    Coach Tea Olivier has recently announced the preliminary roster for the Afrobasket qualifiers:

    Gbotto Pierre Célestin (ABC)
    Kouakou N'dri Ange (Génération)
    Cédric Kouadio (JCA)
    Affi Anderson (ABC)
    Konaté Stéphane (ABC)
    Oka Kévin (AZUR)
    Mohamed Karaboué (AZUR)
    Agolé Stéphane (SOA)
    Oulai Kehasson (ABC)
    Amara Kamaté (JCA)
    Kraka Serge (ABC)
    Kuo Sahie Ange (AZUR)
    Pohoulouhou Serge (STADE)
    Kassoum Coulibaly (IVESTP)
    Cissé Moussa (SOA)
    Allou Jourdain (Egypte)
    Bah Cédric (France)
    Hima Seydou (Italie)
    Zerbo Fréjus (France)

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    NT for the road to Tunisia, Afrobasket2015

    Serge Kraka
    Yann Emmanuel Oulaii
    Anderson Affi
    Jordan Karaboué
    Ange Nantihyé Kouakou N'Dri
    Asselain Serge
    Alassane Meite
    Amara Kamaté
    Venceslas Kevin N'goran Oka
    Bohoui Pierre Celestin Gbotto
    Stéphane Konaté
    Stephane Agole
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